About Artist I.Relevant

Artist I. Relevant’s Statement

Title: “Little Boy Hiding in the Big, Bad World: Provoking Thought and Engaging Audiences”

Introduction: “Little Boy Hiding in the Big, Bad World” is a thought-provoking body of work that explores the themes of purpose in life, the growing up process, and the challenges posed by poverty, hunger, and war. Through a playful and humorous approach, the artist aims to entertain while raising important questions about individualism, societal values, and the pursuit of success in a materialistic world. By manipulating familiar childhood references and incorporating song lyrics, the artist sheds light on the contradictions between the principles we teach children and the realities of life.

Medium and Style: The artist employs a variety of media, including drawings on furniture and walls, to create an ongoing narrative that spills over the frames and walls, leaving a void when removed. The drawings feature a distinctive and childlike style, with a little boy appearing inside speech bubbles emerging from tall buildings within a growing cityscape. This visual representation serves as a metaphor for the boy’s questioning nature and his exploration of life in the modern world.

Engaging Audiences: The artist also incorporates large-scale furniture in their work, inviting adults to engage with the pieces in a childlike manner. This playful approach draws viewers’ attention to the content and encourages them to reflect on the complexities and challenges of the modern world. Additionally, the artist has created a film/sound piece that tells the story of a boy from a poor family, with the script composed entirely of song lyrics. This innovative approach adds another layer of depth to the artist’s exploration of societal issues.

Interconnectedness: Each piece within the body of work informs and complements the others, creating a cohesive narrative that is akin to solving a puzzle. The artist strategically incorporates recurring elements and themes, allowing viewers to make connections and delve deeper into the underlying messages. Originally intended for installation in waiting areas or transitional spaces, the work aims to engage audiences and provide a thought-provoking diversion, much like the passing of time in life itself.

Conclusion: “Little Boy Hiding in the Big, Bad World” is a captivating and thought-provoking body of work that utilizes playful elements and humor to address serious issues. By manipulating familiar childhood references and incorporating song lyrics, the artist encourages viewers to reflect on the contradictions and challenges of the modern world. Through various mediums and interconnected pieces, the artist creates an engaging experience that sparks conversations and invites audiences to consider the kind of world we have come to live in.