Artist I.Relevant

‘Look around your world pretty baby is it everything you hoped it’d be?’

Artist I. Relevant’s Statement

My work explores ‘life’ in the broadest sense. All my pieces are connected in the theme of ‘Little Boy Hiding in the Big, Bad World’. Through the pieces I hope to provoke thought about purpose in life, the growing up process whilst also drawing attention to issues such as poverty, hunger, and war amongst others, sparking conversations about values such as individualism and notions of ‘success’ in an increasingly material world. Audiences are invited to reflect on the kind of world we have come to live in.

“There are many things that I would like to say to you”

All my pieces are related, they inform each other and at times include clues to future works. I work in a range of mediums and the pieces are intended to eventually form a large installation, like pieces of a puzzle. Included in the body of work, is an oversized chair untitled (remake of original 2000) that has been scaled up so that those sitting on it feel childlike and small, enabling the audience to connect with the theme in a playful and interactive manner.

Over the hill

Over The Hills And Far Away (2019) draws attention to the contribution of arms sales by the permanent members of the UN and their role in fuelling conflicts whilst also shedding light on the situations of refugees as victims of war.

Ickle Eye View

Ickle Eye View (originally written in 2000) is a sound piece/film with a script that is made up entirely of lyrics from different songs that have been put together to tell a story of a little boy.